Happy Father’s Day

To All Fathers,

You have given and shown your children the best things in life; your devoted time, your care, your support, your strength, your guidance, your humor, your true Christian example and your unconditional love. We thank you for all that you have gone through, all you are and all the love you share. We love you and thank the Almighty God for giving us this special gift of Fathers. Best wishes for a special day in your honor. May your day be filled with love, good health and joy and may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keep you under His protection as you continue to love, support, guide and protect your children and family. 

Happy Father’s Day

With Love in Christ,
Fr. Anargyros

Message from Father

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Xristos Anesti!

First and foremost, I pray that all of you are healthy and safe.

It has been weeks since we have gathered together, as one Christian family, in our beautiful Church of St. Athanasios. We are all restless from confinement in our homes and yearn to reconnect with our families and friends. Concern for the well being of all is on our minds and the uncertain challenges and changes of the future consume our time. For me personally, it has been difficult celebrating our beautiful Orthodox worship services in an empty Church. I never thought that I would have ever experienced something like this but find tremendous courage and strength knowing that you are all there in spirit and that our Almighty God has a tremendous plan for all of us.

My dear parishioners, we all must keep our faith in the Lord for He is All Knowing and All Wisdom. We must keep peace in our heart and mind so that we can better handle the coming days with all its challenges. Pray, pray the koboskini, read the Bible, listen to the hymns of our Church, read the lives of our Saints, make time for quiehttps://stathanasiosnj.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Father-letter-may-2020.pdft time, ask your children to join you and participate in the virtual worship services. All these spiritual exercises can help us deal with the tremendous heaviness of these critical days. It is my fervent prayer that we soon are all together again Glorifying His Name in His Church and enjoying each other’s fellowship. May the Resurrected Lord protect us all.

With Love in the Risen Lord,
Fr. Anargyros


We have mailed and published an important message to parishioners regarding the financial impact of the crisis on our parish – please read this letter.

As per the revised directive issued by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, effective immediately the Divine Services are hereby permitted to take place within our Parishes,  but closed to the faithful, they are encouraged to participate in available online livestreaming services. We are broadcasting live streams on Facebook and YouTube. You can sign up for a free Facebook or Youtube account to subscribe and watch from the Church Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/stathnj/ or YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8qFuN33hbCE32HMjJkGZQA. You can also see recent services here.

Due to the restrictions put in place in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic by our state authorities, and as directed by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey, our Church office is closed until further notice.  For urgent office matters only, you may call Tina at 201-403-7722. In case of a Pastoral emergency, Fr. Anargyros may be reached at 201-925-6994.

Thank You and may our Lord bless and protect us all.