Parish Council

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

On behalf of the Parish Council and myself, we pray that you and your families are well and remain safe.

Although faced with continued difficult circumstances, we have successfully managed to safely open our Church while adhering to CDC, NJ State and local health guidelines. We successfully began our virtual Greek School and have resumed Sunday Church School in person. In addition, our GOYA, HOPE, and JOY programs are starting up as well. It is truly a blessing to once again see our parishioners return to worship in fellowship at our beloved St. Athanasios Church!

Please remember that while we are faced with much uncertainty, our church remains open and ready to serve all our spiritual needs. The Church does need our support in order to meet financial obligations and remain operational. Therefore, any donation you and your families can offer during these trying times would be greatly appreciated.

May God continue to bless you and your families with health and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season! 

Thank you,

Andy Hios

Parish Council President

Matching Donations from your companies

Many of you work for companies that match your donation to non-profit organizations. In addition to that some companies provide grants for your volunteer work and even have established foundation for projects or enhancements to our community building.

We know some of you have completed the necessary applications and our church is reaping the benefits of double the donation without any added financial stress on your budget. This is huge in these highly financially demanding times. We are in deep gratitude of those parishioners who have come through and we ask those who have similar opportunities in the companies they work for to follow through as well. The church council will aid in filling out any paperwork/applications and provide the necessary IRS non-profit affirmation letters to anyone who asks.

If you have any questions or if you need any help please come speak to us or contact the church office and Tina will put you in touch with us so we can give any help you may need to set this up with your companies.

St. Athanasios Church Council

Parish Council 2019:

President: Andy Hios
Vice President: Spero Leakas
2nd Vice President: Chuck Tsocanos
Treasurer: Dean Tomaras
Asst. Treasurer: Peter Paizis
Secretary: Agamemnon Jouvanis

Tony Emmanouilidis
Nick Gagis
Joanne Glavas
Emmanuel Kavrakis
Konstantinos Menegatos
George Siamboulis
Chuck K. Tsocanos
Tonia Yiangou

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