Parish Council

President’s Message

Dear Parishioners, 

As your new Parish Council President, I would first like to thank the other members of the Parish Council for having the confidence in giving me the responsibility and honor of serving in this position for our wonderful community.  I am truly humbled.  But, I cannot say anything further without thanking Andy Hios, my immediate predecessor, for his past three years of service as president.  As you can imagine, the demands of being president were exponentially amplified these last two years due to the pandemic.  But, thanks to Andy’s leadership, unselfish commitment of time and extremely generous financial assistance, we have been able to weather the storm.  In addition, with the spiritual guidance of our highly esteemed parish priest, Father Anargyros, who never wavered, our talented and committed Parish Council members and the dedication of our ministries, the backbone of our community, all of this is behind us.  We can now look forward to an exciting, historic year for our church during which we will be celebrating the milestone 100th anniversary of our church’s founding in 1921!

We have many events planned for this year in honor of this celebration culminating in a banquet dinner dance on Sunday, October 16th at the Terrace, just up the road from our church.  It will be so great to see all of our parishioners together, both new and old, to mark this momentous occasion.  If you are interested in assisting in the planning of this event, please contact our 100th Anniversary Committee Chairman, Peter Paizis.

Also, our annual festival has been scheduled for Thursday, May 19th through Sunday, May 22nd.  This is another event that “takes a village” to succeed so whatever you can offer or volunteer to do, please contact the Festival Committee Chairman, Andy Hios.  With well over 300 steward families in our parish of all ages, we need more broad participation to make our biggest fundraiser even more successful and we should not be as reliant on our “veteran” parishioners to staff the stations.

As our lives have increasingly come closer to being normal, it is so heartening to see more and more of you on a regular basis at the church and I hope to see even more of you.  Church attendance has increased markedly, as was evidenced by the well-attended St. Athanasios feast day services and Three Hierarchs feast day on January 30th.  It was great to see so many of you, particularly younger families with young children who are our future.  For our children to continue to have a vibrant church for their future, we need all of you to be a part of the church’s “team” and continue to attend, get involved and provide support, both with your time and monetarily.  

Please feel free to contact me or any Parish Council member if you have any questions or concerns about the church.  As this will be the first year in three years that we will have a full schedule of events again, let’s all reunite, so to speak, and make our church better than ever!

Spero T. Leakas

Parish Council President

Matching Donations from your companies

Many of you work for companies that match your donation to non-profit organizations. In addition to that some companies provide grants for your volunteer work and even have established foundation for projects or enhancements to our community building.

We know some of you have completed the necessary applications and our church is reaping the benefits of double the donation without any added financial stress on your budget. This is huge in these highly financially demanding times. We are in deep gratitude of those parishioners who have come through and we ask those who have similar opportunities in the companies they work for to follow through as well. The church council will aid in filling out any paperwork/applications and provide the necessary IRS non-profit affirmation letters to anyone who asks.

If you have any questions or if you need any help please come speak to us or contact the church office and Tina will put you in touch with us so we can give any help you may need to set this up with your companies.

St. Athanasios Church Council

Parish Council 2022:

President: Spero Leakas
Vice President: Tonia Yiangou
2nd Vice President: Chuck Tsocanos
Treasurer: Dean Tomaras
Secretary: Peter Paizis
Agamemnon Jouvanis
Andrew Comodromos
Andy Hios
Tony Emmanouilidis
Nick Gagis
Joanne Glavas
John Kiriakakis
Dr. John Nicholas
George Siamboulis
Antonios Skoulariotis

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