FOS Ministry Introduction

“FOS” (Light or φως) Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards  is a Parish Ministry (organization) within the Saint Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church.

The purpose of FOS is to promote the Orthodox Faith within and outside the parish.

The FOS operates in cooperation with and under the direct supervision of the parish priest.

FOS Ministry News


Dedicated to the glory of God, and in honor of Saint Phanourios, the FOS ministry is pleased to announce a new parish icon it commissioned that was painted by a local priest. The icon of the holy martyr, which rests on a beautiful Byzantine-style wooden stand, was funded through the generous and anonymous donations of a member of the St. Athanasios community.

Little is known of the life of Saint Phanourios, except that which is depicted concerning his martyrdom on his holy icon, which was discovered in the year 1500 A.D. among the ruins of an ancient church, centuries after he lived. Thus he is called the “Newly Revealed.” Some sources support the fact that the icon was fond in Rhodes when the Moslems ruled there; others maintain it was found on the island of Cyprus.

The faithful pray to Saint Phanourios especially to help them recover things that have been lost, and because he has answered their prayers so often, the custom has arisen of baking a Phanouropita (“Phanourios -Cake”) as a thanks-offering.  The saint is commemorated on August 27.

We pray for the intercessions of Saint Phanourios, the great martyr, and thank everyone who made this icon and stand possible for our community.

“FOS,” (Light), is a ministry within the Saint Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church dedicated to promoting the Orthodox faith within and outside the parish. For more information, to make a purchase or inquire about special orders through the FOS Bookstore, please contact the church office or send an email

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Congratulations to the new FOS Board!

PRESIDENT: Karen Scoullos

TREASURER: Sophia Makris

SECRETARY:  Evy Dorizas