GOYA Introduction

Boys and girls between the ages of 12-18 are welcome to join the G.O.Y.A. Various athletic, social and religious activities are held as well as other programs. The G.O.Y.A. meets once a month on Thursdays.


Dear Parishioners,

The festivities of the New Year and the holiday season have calmed down, our GOYA is ready to get back into the swing of things. To start our year off from a small break, our GOYA took a fun trip to Campgaw mountain to snow tube, laugh, make jokes, and after a long night in the cold, we ventured inside to enjoy some steaming hot chocolate and snacks!

Not too long after our snow tubing trip, our GOYAns attended the Valentine’s Day Dance at Sts. Nicholas, Constantine, and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Roseland. Roseland truly did a great job with all the decorating and preparations for the dance and our GOYA could not thank them enough for the amazing night they provided. We danced, sang along to our favorite songs, and reconnected with GOYAns from other churches!

With great excitement, we are looking forward to hosting our sixth annual Beefsteak Dinner on Sunday, February 27th. The Beefsteak Dinner is GOYA’s most special fundraising event and one for all of our community to enjoy together. After a year without many events, our GOYA is delighted to invite every parishioner and their family of friends for a night of fun. There will be dancing, music, prizes, delicious all you can eat steak, and most importantly it will bring our tight knit community together once again!

Our GOYA is looking forward to the annual Sights and Sounds competition. Sights and Sounds is a competition where our GOYAns have the opportunity to explore the arts. Along with art categories, the all-day event includes Greek Dancing, music groups, play, and much more. We thank our advisors and parents who are helping us prepare for this exciting event. The Sunday following Sights and Sounds our GOYAns will show off our talents to our community after church services. We have practiced for countless months and weeks to compete in the annual sights and sounds competition and are proud to showcase our talents to the community.Our hope is that the Saint Athanasios Community will join us to enjoy a delicious luncheon and to allow our GOYAns to showcase our talents.

As we approach Great Lent and Holy Pascha, our GOYAns will take time to reflect on their lives by fasting, attending church services, praying to God and completing the Holy Sacrament of Confession. We were so happy to host the Lenten Dinner following the Presanctified Liturgy during Great Lent. Many members of our church came together after receiving Holy Communion and exchanged lovely conversation and thoughtful reflections. On the Saturday of Lazarus, our GOYAns will attend a wonderful retreat hosted by the Sunday School where we will attend the Divine Liturgy, pray together and continue to learn the meaning of our faith, especially around Holy Week. We will make Palm Crosses for the following day, Palm Sunday to be blessed by Father Anargyros and distribute to all the members of our parish.

As a GOYA, we look to give back as much as possible. With Bridges being cancelled earlier in January due to high Covid cases, we are now in the process of planning another Bridges event where we will make sandwiches, care packages, and hygienic packages to be passed out to homeless and less fortunate in impoverished neighborhoods in New Jersey.

While writing this memo, I am in absolute awe athow much our GOYA has accomplished thus far this year. I am reminded once again that GOYA is a very integral part of our teenage years and that these are the memories that our GOYA members will forever remember and cherish! We can’t wait to accomplish more in the coming months! We wish you a sacred and Holy Lent and a blessed Easter!

With Love in Christ,

Christina Salemme

GOYA President

for more information email: goya@stathanasiosnj.org