Greek Festival

Save the Date! May 18th-21st

Please join us at 51 Paramus Rd. in Paramus, NJ for this year’s Annual Festival from May 18-21st, 2023

Thursday: 11:30am to 8pm
Friday: 11am to 11pm
Saturday: 11am to 11pm
Sunday: Noon to 8pm

We invite you to share our world famous cuisine, culture, music and hospitality. There will be fun for the entire family including: carnival games, cooked and grilled food, desserts and pastries, ouzo, beer, and live greek music and dancing.

Free parking and shuttle.
For more information: 201-368-8881
If you are available and willing to assist in the festival preparations, please contact the church office for the schedule of preparations. THE SUCCESS OF OUR FESTIVAL DEPENDS ON ALL OF US! 

Adult Volunteer Sign-up:

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GOYAn Sign-up:

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Father’s Message – April/May

Dear Parishioners,

As the Lenten season progresses, we know that Holy Week and Pascha approach quickly. This great journey that we refer to as Holy & Great Lent is one that continues to remind us of our need to struggle in our Christian praxis especially because this all inevitably leads us to the cross that we each are told to carry in our own lives.

When we think of Great Lent, specifically the services, we usually associate them with dim lighting, somber music, lengthy services, and repeated references to repentance, God’s mercy and forgiveness. This is especially true in one of the more common services celebrated during the fast, Great Compline.

New Stewardship 2023 Online Giving

We are moving to a new online system for managing our parish called Realm. Everyone will be able to create their own account to see statements, make pledges, make donations and more.

Request New Account:

Make Stewardship Pledge:

Pay Stewardship:

If you use the new system you do not need to mail a pledge card or payments – its all handled online. Once you request an account we will match your email to your existing stewardship account and you will be able to see a history of your donations. We will also be letting people opt-out of mailed statements to save costs and move to a paperless office over time. You can edit your profile to indicate if you still want statements mailed to you otherwise we will be sending them electronically.