Parish Council

Dear Parishioners,

We know there is a deep community concern on the state of our environment and the legacy we are leaving for our children. The Parish Council shares these concerns and we wanted to inform you about some initiatives we have taken to make our beloved St. Athanasios more eco-friendly. The main focus has been in minimizing waste and becoming more energy efficient. Here is a list of these initiatives:

Installed energy efficient lighting. This included all lights on church chandelier and narthex, the gym and stage, the classrooms and hallways, exit signs and outdoor.

Adding motion detectors in most public spaces so lights turn off automatically if no one is there.

Installed a smart electronic timers outside that keeps track of daylight savings.

The new/upgraded air conditioner, furnace and kitchen oven are a lot more energy efficient than the units they replaced.

All these projects were mostly completed through donations and state grants. The main costs to the Church was financed by the state with 0% interest over 24 months which is expected to be fully recovered from the estimated energy savings within 18 months. We are planning on another state grant with similar financial conditions that will replace the church air conditioner, install smart digital thermostats and replace the pole lights with energy efficient LED lights. Furthermore we are considering installing solar panels on our community center roof.

As you can see the Parish Council has been busy not just to make our church eco-friendly but also to reduce costs that are ever rising year over year. If you have any ideas or you are willing to help our cause please do not hesitate to speak or to write to the church council; every contribution is truly appreciated.

Matching Donations from your companies

Many of you work for companies that match your donation to non-profit organizations. In addition to that some companies provide grants for your volunteer work and even have established foundation for projects or enhancements to our community building.

We know some of you have completed the necessary applications and our church is reaping the benefits of double the donation without any added financial stress on your budget. This is huge in these highly financially demanding times. We are in deep gratitude of those parishioners who have come through and we ask those who have similar opportunities in the companies they work for to follow through as well. The church council will aid in filling out any paperwork/applications and provide the necessary IRS non-profit affirmation letters to anyone who asks.

If you have any questions or if you need any help please come speak to us or contact the church office and Tina will put you in touch with us so we can give any help you may need to set this up with your companies.

St. Athanasios Church Council


Parish Council 2016:
President:  Peter Paizis
Vice President:  Andy Hios
2nd V. President:  Demetrios Xanthos
Treasurer:  Tony Emmanouilidis
Secretary:  Othon Katechis
Jason Fink
Nick Gagis
Panagiotis Karounos
Emmanuel Kavrakis
John Kyriakakis
Spero Leakas
Gus Panagiotopoulos
George Siamboulis
Chuck J. Tsocanos
Chuck K. Tsocanos
Dean Tomaras
Paul Venizelos

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