Father’s Message – Spring 2018

Dear Parishioners,

Pascha services will once again be filling our hearts with a feeling of real, live joy in God. With the vision of our faith we see the Risen Lord, as His Apostles saw Him, when face to face conversed with Him.

All our faith is founded on the miracle of Christ’s Resurrection. The Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Church have maintained throughout the ages that the only true joy to reach the soul of the regenerated man is that which is granted the Christian by the Risen Lord, our Savior. This thought was also expressed by St. Gregory Nazianzus: “Having risen with Christ, you too have become a new creature, made for good deeds; may all your life be renewed, and may all the paths of your activity be renewed; thus is man regenerated and thus is the day of regeneration venerated.”

2018 GOYA Beefsteak Dinner

Please join us on Saturday, April 14th as our youth once again host us at their annual GOYA Beefsteak Dinner!
Includes all you can eat filet mignon over french bread, appetizers, salad, fries, dessert, soda, and coffee/tea, cash bar with beer & wine.

DJ MUSIC by DJ Karas Entertainment, 50/50 RAFFLE, BASKETS, AND MORE!!

$45 per adult, $25 per child (6-12)
children 5 and under are free

Use form on the back of this flyer to reserve your place by April 9th (sorry, no paying at the door)

Info: Debbie Leakas (201) 566-4934 or Joanne Glavas (201) 982-5125


2018 Holy Week and Easter Services


Fr. Anargyros, Fr. John, the President of the Parish Council

Mr. Peter Paizis and its members, the President of the Philoptochos and its members, the President of the PTO and its members, the Teachers of the Greek and Sunday Church Schools, the Church Staff and all the Parish Organizations wish all the Parishioners a Glorious Resurrection and a very…

Happy Easter !   –   Xristos Anesti!


Ο πατήρ Ανάργυρος, ο πατήρ Ιωάννης, ο πρόεδρος του Εκκλησιαστικού Συμβουλίου κ. Πέτρος Παϊζης και τα μέλη του, η πρόεδρος της Φιλοπτώχου και τα μέλη της, η πρόεδρος του Συλλόγου Γονέων και Διδασκάλων και τα μέλη του, οι διδάσκαλοι των Σχολείων Ελληνικού και Κατηχητικού, το προσωπικό της Εκκλησίας μας και όλοι οι οργανισμοί της ενορίας μας, εύχονται σε όλους…


Fathers Message – April 2018

Dear Parishioners,

“The Son of God became man…that He might by the communication of life deliver us from corruption, becoming Himself the first fruits of our resurrection; and that He might renew the useless and worn vessel and, while calling us to the knowledge of God, might redeem us from the tyranny of the devil, and might strengthen us and teach us how, by patience and patience and humility, to overthrow the tyrant”.
Saint John of Damascus, in reflecting on the centrality of the resurrection, offers an insight into our own nature, which thirsts for strength and knowledge, for patience and humility, and for renewal of the “worn vessel” of our lives.

Life is filled with countless distractions. From time to time, all of us wonder if our endless activities actually produce anything of substance. Our culture equates productivity with being “busy” with overextending ourselves. The result is a preoccupation with achieving even more. The human vessel soon becomes worn thin, thirsting for a break, a breath of fresh air, a new beginning and a new life.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ renews the human spirit, tarnished through worldly concerns and demands. It reminds us that life – real life – indeed exists beyond those things which demand our time and attention. It challenges us to see that real productivity is achieved when we appropriate the image of our Savior in our lives and confront the tyrannies with which Satan deceives us.
How mercifully Our Lord shares with us His victory over death, while opening to us the real meaning of life! How lovingly He bestows strength and knowledge on us! And how graciously He renews us, useless and worn though we might be, with new life.

My dear friends, as we gather this year to celebrate the resurrection, let us accent the renewal which Jesus Christ’s victory offers and let us drink of the patience and humility which flows from the empty tomb, while seeking the means to overcome the tyrannies which take hold of our lives.
I, together with the Parish Council President and the Council members, pray that we may be found worthy of His Holy Resurrection as we wish you and yours a blessed, joyous and Holy Easter!

In Anticipation Of His Glorious Resurrection,

+ Protopresbyter Anargyros Stavropoulos
Ieratikos Proestamenos

P. S. with the hope and prayer that you will again make a gift to God and to our Church during this Holy Season, Easter offerings can also be made online.  Indicate in the notes “easter donation”.