Altar Boys


The Altar Boys serve our Lord faithfully and reverently every Sunday and during the many special Holy Days of our Holy Orthodox Church.  Monthly gatherings will be held by the parish priest to instill within the Altar Boys the understanding of serving the Altar with humility as well as the duties and responsibilities that come with it.  All Altar boys are invited to the next Altar boy Meeting on Saturday of Lazarus, April 16th following the Divine Liturgy.

Boys ages 9-17 are able to serve as Altar Boys.  Along with their duties, monthly meetings and programs are also held.  Anyone who would like to participate in Altar duties should contact Fr. Anargyros.




Sunday                                     November 1                8:30am            Group D

Sunday                                     November 8                8:30am            Group A

Sunday                                     November 15              8:30am            Group B

Sunday                                     November 22              8:30am            Group C

Sunday                                     November 29              8:30am            Group D


Sunday                                      December 6                8:30am            Group A

Sunday                                      December 13              8:30am            Group B

Sunday (Before Nativity)            December 20              8:30am            Group C

Thurs. (Christmas Eve Morning) December 24              8:30am            Group D

Friday (Christmas Day)              December 25              8:30am            All Groups

Sunday (After Nativity)               December 27              8:30am            Group A



Sunday (Before Epiphany)         January 3                     8:30am            Group B

Sunday (After Epiphany)           January 10                   8:30am            Group C

Sunday (St. Anthony’s)             January 17                   8:30am            Group D

Sunday (Vesper’s Service         January 17                   7:00pm            ALL GROUPS

Monday (St. Athanasios FD)   January 18                  8:30am            ALL GROUPS

Sunday                                    January 24                   8:30am            Group C

Sunday                                    January 31                   8:30am            Group D


Sunday (Godparent Sunday)    February 7                    8:30am           Group A

Sunday                                    February 14                 8:30am            Group B

Sunday (Triodion Begins)         February 21                 8:30am            Group C

Sunday (The Prodigal Son)      February 28                 8:30am            Group D


Sunday (Judgement Sunday)    March 6                      8:30am            Group A

Sunday (Forgiveness Sunday)  March 13                    8:30am            Group B

Presanctified                           March 16                    6:00pm            Group C

1st Salutations                         March 18                    7:00pm            Group D

1st Sunday of lent                    March 20                    8:30am            Group A

Presanctified                           March 23                    6:00pm            Group B

2nd Salutations                        March 25                    7:00pm            Group C

2nd Sunday of Lent                  March 27                    8:30am            Group D

Presanctified                           March 30                    6:00pm            Group A


3rd Salutations                         April 1                         7:00pm            Group B

3rd Sunday of Lent                   April 3                         8:30am            Group C

Presanctified                           April 6                         6:00pm            Group D

4th Salutations                         April 8                         7:00pm            Group A

4th Sunday of L ent                  April 10                       8:30am            Group B

Presanctified                           April 13                       6:00pm            Group C

Akathyst Hymn                        April 15                       7:00pm            Group D

5th Sunday of Lent                   April 17                       8:30am            Group A

Presanctified                         April 20                       6:00pm            Group  B??

Saturday of Lazarus                April 23                       8:30am            Group C

Palm Sunday (Morning)          April 24                       8:30am            ALL GROUPS

Palm Sunday (Evening)          April 24                       7:30pm            Captains / Leaders

Holy Monday (Evening)          April 25                       7:30pm            Group D

Holy Tuesday (Evening)         April 26                       7:30pm            Group A

Holy Wednesday (Afternoon)  April 27                       3:00pm            Group B

Holy Wednesday (Evening)    April 27                       7:30pm            Group C

Holy Thursday (Evening)        April 28                       7:00pm            Group D

Holy Friday (Afternoon)          April 29                       3:00pm            Group A

Holy Friday (Evening)            April 29                       7:30pm            ALL GROUPS

Holy Saturday (Morning)        April 30                       8:30am            Group B

Holy Saturday (Evening)        April 30                       11:00pm          ALL GROUPS


Holy Pascha/Easter Sunday    May 1                          11:30am          ALL GROUPS

2nd Sunday of Pascha             May 8                          8:30am            Group C

3rd Sunday of Pascha             May 15                        8:30am            Group D

4th Sunday of Pascha             May 22                        8:30am            Group A

5th Sunday of Pascha             May 29                        8:30am            Group B


6th Sunday of Pascha             June 5                          8:30am            Group C

7th Sunday of Pascha             June 12                        8:30am            Group D

Sunday of the Pentecost        June 19                        8:30am            Group A

Sunday                                  June 26                        8:30am            Group B


Sunday                                  July 3                           8:30am            Group C

Sunday                                  July 10                         8:30am            Group D

Sunday                                  July 17                         8:30am            Group A

Sunday                                  July 24                         8:30am            Group B

Sunday                                  July 31                         8:30am            Group C


Sunday                                  August 7                      8:30am            Group D

Sunday                                  August 14                    8:30am            Group A

Sunday                                  August 21                    8:30am            Group B

Sunday                                  August 28                    8:30am            Group C