GOYA Introduction

Boys and girls between the ages of 12-18 are welcome to join the G.O.Y.A. Various athletic, social and religious activities are held as well as other programs. The G.O.Y.A. meets once a month on Thursdays.


Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to the new Ecclesiastical year!  The St. Athanasios Goya kicked off the new year on Sunday September 10th with registration and the new Board taking their Oath of Office.

Our new Executive Board formally welcomed all members and advisors at our first meeting on Friday September 15th.  The meeting was very well-attended and we were very happy to see so many new faces in our group!

Sunday September 17th marked the Holy Cross celebration at Asbury Park.  We were very honored to participate and would like to extend our thanks to our divers (Christina Salemme, Ivana Hrissikos, Thomas Glavas and Christos Tsirikos) for their effort and to all who attended!  Congratulations to Christos Tsirikos for getting the Cross for the Senior boys!!!

Other activities in September included the start of weekly volleyball (girls) and basketball (boys) practices, weekly Greek folk dance classes on the 29th, as well as the annual St. Basil’s Walk-a-Thon on the 30th.

The annual Mr. & Miss GOYA competition will be held on October 7th and 8th at the Edison, NJ Pines Manor.  Our GOYA will be represented by Efthimia Mitchell and Theodore Leakas.  They have spent the summer preparing for this competition and we are proud to have them representing us.  Good luck to both of them!!!

In addition to many religious and social events, our GOYAns also give their time and their hands to many worthy causes throughout the year.  One very important event coming up on October 16th is the 3rd annual St. Athanasios Golf Outing.  We urge everyone to attend and help support this cause for the benefit of our Church and community!

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that it is never too late to become part of our GOYA.  All students in the 7th (and at least 12 years of age) – 12th grades who are members in good standing are welcome to join.

We hope everyone has a blessed year and we look forward to making new memories at our beloved St. Athanasios.

With Christ’s Love,

St. Athanasios GOYA

GOYA Board

This year’s G.O.Y.A. Board:

President:                               Pennie Papamichael

Vice President:                        Efthimia Mitchell

Treasurer:                               Charlotte Joannidis

Recording Secretary:               Theo Leakas

Asst. Recording Secretary:       Katherine Scoullos

Corresponding Secretary:         Teddy Kesoglou


Head:                                       Manny Jouvanis

Asst. Head:                               Reina Phillips

Activity Advisor:                        Sophia Makris

S & S Advisor:                           Dee Hunter

Sports Advisor:                          Paul Venizelos


Registration:                            Dee Hunter

Finance:                                  Nick Joannidis

Fundraising:                            Debbie Leakas

Assistants:                   Angela Koutsouras, Lucy Papamichael

Coffee Hour:                            Vanessa Juvelis-Mitchell

Assistants:                   Karen Scoullos, Maria Salemme

Dance:                                     Reina Phillips

Assistants:                   Joanne Glavas, Vanessa Juvelis-Mitchell

Sights & Sounds Assistants:     Dee Hunter

Assistants:                    Kally Williams, Vicky Larosiliere


for more information email: goya@stathanasiosnj.org