GOYA Introduction

Boys and girls between the ages of 12-18 are welcome to join the G.O.Y.A. Various athletic, social and religious activities are held as well as other programs. The G.O.Y.A. meets once a month on Thursdays.


Dear Parishioners,

For the St. Athanasios GOYA, 2017-2018 has been a very fun-filled year! Like every year, it has also been a year of growth for our young people.

Every year we welcome our new GOYAns to their first meeting.  Although many of them have been a part of our parish their whole lives, they all come to the first meeting hesitantly, unsure about what to expect.  Slowly, as they attend social gatherings, compete in sports or take part in Sights and Sounds, these youngsters start to blossom with confidence and love for their Church.

Soon they are forming new friendships (both within our own GOYA and with GOYAns at other Churches).  Many of them go out of their comfort zone and participate in an activity they have never tried previously.  Some of them even warm up to their advisors! 😊

As we approach the end of another school year, it is gratifying to see that the cycle has repeated itself again.  As we look ahead to two of the biggest events for our GOYA, the formerly shy first-year GOYAns are looking forward to pitching in at our Church festival, as well as competing at their first Olympics.  For the older GOYAns, these two events still hold the same excitement year after year.

The St. Athanasios Church festival was held from May 17th– May 20th.  It was very inspiring to see our whole parish coming together to help make this event a success.  This is the largest fundraiser, which keeps our Church in operation. Aside from giving them another opportunity to be together, these young people relish the chance to be part of something greater than themselves and that is being part of the St. Athanasios community.  They understand the importance of the work they are doing and they embrace it.

May was also about fun and games…Olympic Games!  The long-awaited Indoor and Outdoor Olympics both offer something for everyone.  The Outdoor Olympics were held over Memorial Day weekend at Monmouth University. Participants ran, swam, played volleyball and threw softballs.  At night they enjoyed the last GOYA dance of the school year.

One week after Olympics we will be cheering again, this time for our GOYA seniors who will be graduating on June 3rd.  After 6 years in GOYA, it is time to say farewell to them: Charlotte Joannidis, Theodore Leakas, Mia Mitchell, Pennie Papamichael and Christos Tsirikos.  We wish them continued success and we are very proud of them!

Looking ahead to the first few weeks of September, we will be attending the Holy Cross celebration at Asbury Park.  We will have two girls and two boys participating from our GOYA and diving for the Cross.  Good luck to them and many thanks for representing us!

September is also a time for us to welcome all incoming 7th– 12thgrade students who would like to join the St. Athanasios GOYA.  We will be accepting registrations after Church during the course of the month.  All are welcome and we look forward to meeting you!

May you all have a safe and fun summer!  We hope to see everyone back at our beloved St. Athanasios with renewed vigor, ready to launch another school year!!

With Christ’s Love,

GOYA Advisors

GOYA Board

This year’s G.O.Y.A. Board:

President:                               Pennie Papamichael

Vice President:                        Efthimia Mitchell

Treasurer:                               Charlotte Joannidis

Recording Secretary:               Theo Leakas

Asst. Recording Secretary:       Katherine Scoullos

Corresponding Secretary:         Teddy Kesoglou


Head:                                       Manny Jouvanis

Asst. Head:                               Reina Phillips

Activity Advisor:                        Sophia Makris

S & S Advisor:                           Dee Hunter

Sports Advisor:                          Paul Venizelos


Registration:                            Dee Hunter

Finance:                                  Nick Joannidis

Fundraising:                            Debbie Leakas

Assistants:                   Angela Koutsouras, Lucy Papamichael

Coffee Hour:                            Vanessa Juvelis-Mitchell

Assistants:                   Karen Scoullos, Maria Salemme

Dance:                                     Reina Phillips

Assistants:                   Joanne Glavas, Vanessa Juvelis-Mitchell

Sights & Sounds Assistants:     Dee Hunter

Assistants:                    Kally Williams, Vicky Larosiliere


for more information email: goya@stathanasiosnj.org