GOYA Introduction

Boys and girls between the ages of 12-18 are welcome to join the G.O.Y.A. Various athletic, social and religious activities are held as well as other programs. The G.O.Y.A. meets once a month on Thursdays.


Dear Parishioners,

Our GOYA continues to learn more about our faith and take part in amazing experiences. On January 11th, we had the opportunity to host a Bridges/ Religious retreat. At this retreat, seven other churches in our metropolis helped prepare over three hundred sandwich lunches for the less fortunate in Newark. After preparing the lunches, we attended a retreat coordinated by seminarians from the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School Of Theology in Boston with the theme of “Who is Jesus Christ?”. The seminarians helped us explore what Jesus means to each of us.

The following day a team of GOYAns, along with our advisors and the Bridges Organization, helped distribute the sandwiches we prepared the night before on the streets of Newark.  This experience has truly touched the hearts of all those who participated. On this trip we all quickly realized how blessed we truly are and it also emphasized the importance of helping one another. I personally will not forget the face of a little girl in line who was excited when I handed her extra juice boxes.

With great excitement we are looking forward to our fourth annual Beefsteak Dinner on February 23rd. The Beefsteak is GOYA’s opportunity to bring together our wonderful community for dancing, great food, and most importantly raising funds for a community project. As you all may remember, GOYA took the initiative three years ago under the Presidency of Stefanos Hunter to replace the outdoor sign. We hosted our first ever Beefsteak and with the support of our community, a beautiful sign is now in place. We would also like to thank the Parish Council who helped with the implementation and to all who supported us in this project. I welcome you all to this amazing night!

With Love in Christ,

George Makris

GOYA President

GOYA Board

This year’s G.O.Y.A. Board:

President:                               Pennie Papamichael

Vice President:                        Efthimia Mitchell

Treasurer:                               Charlotte Joannidis

Recording Secretary:               Theo Leakas

Asst. Recording Secretary:       Katherine Scoullos

Corresponding Secretary:         Teddy Kesoglou


Head:                                       Manny Jouvanis

Asst. Head:                               Reina Phillips

Activity Advisor:                        Sophia Makris

S & S Advisor:                           Dee Hunter

Sports Advisor:                          Paul Venizelos


Registration:                            Dee Hunter

Finance:                                  Nick Joannidis

Fundraising:                            Debbie Leakas

Assistants:                   Angela Koutsouras, Lucy Papamichael

Coffee Hour:                            Vanessa Juvelis-Mitchell

Assistants:                   Karen Scoullos, Maria Salemme

Dance:                                     Reina Phillips

Assistants:                   Joanne Glavas, Vanessa Juvelis-Mitchell

Sights & Sounds Assistants:     Dee Hunter

Assistants:                    Kally Williams, Vicky Larosiliere

for more information email: goya@stathanasiosnj.org