Prayer for the First Day of the Year

            O Lord our God, who have placed times and seasons under your own authority;  who, in your infinite compassion and goodness, have counted us worthy to enter a New Year of your loving kindness, bless it and keep us in peace.

         Loose, remit and forgive any sins that we may have committed during the year that is past, and keep us free from sin in the New Year.

         Enlighten us with the light of your truth and your divine commandments.  Establish in our souls your holy will, and guide us to every work that is good and pleasing to you.

         Guard well our Holy church with your divine grace.  Remember, Lord, our nation; train up the youth; protect the elderly; encourage the faint-hearted; gather the scattered; bring back those who have gone astray, and reunite them to your Holy Church.

         Overshadow our Land with your might, and grant it gentle rain and abundance of the fruits of the earth.  Speak of goodness in the hearts of our rulers; support and strengthen them, together with our armed forces by land, sea and air so that in their tranquility we may lead our life in every piety and dignity.