Stewardship Sunday

Fr. Anargyros, Ladies and Gentlemen:

About 2 months ago, Dean Tomaras, Treasure of the Parish Council stood here to give you our stewards an update on the financial status of the parish and continued this discussion at our fall General Assembly Meeting.   

Today I want to reinforce those needs and talk about the financial needs of our parish for 2019.   Now I do realize that this is not a complete financial report, but the main objective is to focus on one of the key aspects of the income of the parish, our stewards.  

For fiscal year 2018, we are running at shortfall of approximately, $65,000.00.  Now I could spend a good amount of time on why this is the case, but what is more important is how we bring the parish back to stable financial condition.

Paramount for 2019 is what we receive from Stewardship.   Yes, we do have income from several sources, but those sources are subject to several factors, for example the Festival, good weather, we do very well, poor weather, like this past year, well, has a dramatic impact on the net income.  

What we need for 2019.   The numbers are simple:

  • 2019 Budget – $568,000
  • Per Stewards at 340 = $1670.00 we need to operate the parish
  • Take out what we estimate from other income
  • What we need per steward on average is $800.00. This is our suggested minimum
  • The average now is about $500.00 

We need all of our stewards to step forward and meet this target.  We do have individuals who give more, much more, and we understand the challenges of some who give what they can.   And we are grateful for both.  Grateful for those who with prayer, dedication and the understanding that they are contributing to the support of the church, our place of worship and second home.

On a positive note and in closing, if you need that little extra spark, look no further than the younger generation  that is already serving our church.  We have in our youth programs:

  • Over 50 teens registered in GOYA
  • 40 in Hope and Joy
  • 77 Students in Dance  
  • Over 125 in Greek and Sunday School

We who support the church at present, must continue to meet the challenge, so we have the resources to prepare for the next generation, who is active now and growing within our Orthodox Faith.

Thank you for your time today, and please when you receive your stewardship card form 2019, complete it, and return it to us as soon as you can, and if possible no later than January 31, 2019.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays 

Peter C. Paizis
Parish Council President