Message from the Parish Council President on Stewardship

Fr. Anargyros, Parish Council Members, Stewards of St. Athanasios

Like everyone present and for those that are not here, deciding what to give to our second home, our Church Home is never an easy decision.   As in our residential home, we budget for maintance, utilities, mortgage, taxes and so forth.   We make plans, whether it be retirement, college funding or planning for a future large or small purchase.  We all know the responsibility we have to take charge and care of our homes and family.

Our Church Home is no different, and we all must except the same responsibility for the church as we do for our personnel home.  The responsibility for the care of our church, for the service to our Seniors, Adults, Young Adults and Children belongs to all of us.   At the end of each year, the Parish Council reviews the expenses paid in the prior year and tries to estimate what our needs will be in the coming year.  Much of our budget depends on you, the stewards of the parish.

In 2018, we have budgeted for $568,000.00.  In 2017, we had 344 stewards supporting our parish.   These are the individuals who make the financial commitment to support the Church Home and its ministries.    What we need is to bring Stewardship to the point that 100 Percent of our budget is met by Stewardship.   How do we do this, well the math is simple.

In order for us as a collective family in the communion of our church, each Steward would need to contribute $1,670.00.    In other words, to pay for our home we need to truly look at our needs and budget, and show the support we need.  That would bring us to 100% Stewardship, and show true support of our church.   Since stewardship recognizes that not all individuals and families are the same, and we know we have families that give and will continue to give more.

I am hoping, asking and offer prayer that we as a parish family can at minimum offer $800.00 for 2018.  This amount, given the total population of the parish would bring our income from Stewardship to $275,000.    With 50% of our budget met, we can then build from that point for future years and reach the goal of 100% stewardship.

The speaker has my Stewardship Commitment, and yes, it is private, as we keep all private, but I will state that I have met my own challenge in my commitment, and offered my fair share, and I challenge all our stewards to do the same.

In His Service,

Peter C. Paizis

Parish Council President